On this page you can find the detailed answers on the most frequently asked questions about our SAW Generators BSG for acoustofluidics.

What is the SAW Generator BSG used for?

The BELEKTRONIG SAW Generator BSG is used to control SAW actuators for professional applications in acoustofluidics.

What makes the SAW Generator BSG so special and why is it defining a new gold-standard?

The SAW Generator BSG integrates network analyzer, frequency generator, power amplifier and power meter in a single compact device. It is capable of replacing the cost-intensive and complex setups that have been necessary so far to drive and characterize SAW actuators. Thus the BELEKTRONIG SAW Generators define the new gold-standard for highest-precision signal generators to the operation of SAW actuators.

How are the SAW actuators controlled?

The SAW actuators are driven by a high-frequency alternating voltage with variable frequency and amplitude. The optimal excitation frequency is automatically re-adjusted when deviations are tracked.

Which functions does des SAW Generator BSG mainly offer?

Die BELEKTRONIG SAW Generatoren bieten folgende speziell zur Ansteuerung von SAW-Aktuatoren benötigte Funktionen:

  • Compact and portable device
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Automatic and manual operational modes
    • Automated detection and tracking of the resonant frequency
    • Adjustable frequency ranges for tracking of resonant frequency
    • Adjustable time intervals for tracking of resonant frequency
    • A frequency generator mode (scanning deactivated)
  • High dynamic range of 40 µW … 4 W at the power ourput
  • Limitation of the output power to protect the SAW actuators from accidental overloads
  • Characterisation of SAW devices using their reflection coefficient
  • Operational modes for pulsed output power
  • USB connection and open command set
  • Trigger Input for excitation of SAW pulses, triggered by external devices
  • Trigger Output to start external devices
  • Permanent characterization of the SAW actuator state and saving of measurement data

Which additional functions are offered by the 2-channel version SAW Generator BSG-F20?

  • Simultaneous operation of two SAW actuators

  • Operational modes for coupling of the channels 1 and 2 to excite standing wave fields

  • Adjustable phase difference between channel 1 and 2 to move the nodes of standing wave fields

In which frequency range does the SAW Generator BSG work?

The SAW Generator works in the frequency range of 5 to 215 MHz.

Which benefits will high-frequency experts get while using the SAW Generator BSG in the lab?

The BELEKTRONIG SAW Generator speeds up applications in acoustofluidics due to the automated detection and tracking of the resonant frequency. Thus you and your collegures get the perfect tool for fast and safe regulation of SAW actuators. Due to the simplified operation, the training effort can be reduced to a few minutes.

How is the automated re-adjusting of the resonant frequency realized?

For the automated tracking of the resonant frequency, the SAW generator BSG performs a so-called fine scan and then determines the frequency minimum. Afterwards the output frequency will be re-adjusted to the actual detected frequency value.

How often is the automated tracking of the resonant frequency performed?

The time intervals for the periodic tracking of the resonant frequency are adjustable from 0.1 to 60 seconds.

Is it possible to excite plate modes using the SAW Generator BSG?

Yes, if the resonant frequency of the connected device lays within the frequency rang of the SAW Generator BSG, it is possible to excite plate modes.

Is the maximum output power of 4 W available in the entire frequency range?

No. Below 20 MHz, the available output power is lower. Additionally one has take into account, that the maximum usable output power depends on the matching of the electrical impedance of the connected component.

How long does a Fine Scan take?

The duration of the fine scan depends on the number of measured points. Since the number of measured points is adjustable, the duration of the fine scan can also be set indirectly. For example, a Fine Scan with 100 measurement points takes about 20 ms.

Is the Fine Scan performed with full output power?

No, the output power during the Fine Scan is limited to maximal 100 mW. The standard value of the output power of the Fine Scan is 1 mW.

What is the Trigger Input actually used for?

The trigger input is used to generate SAW pulses that are triggered by external devices.

For example, this feature allows you to build cell sorting systems. For this purpose one may observe cells in a fluid channel with a camera. If a cell is detected for sorting out, a SAW pulse is triggered via the Trigger Input so that the cell is flushed out of the channel.

What is the Trigger Output actually used for?

The trigger output is used to trigger external devices.

This can be for example a high-speed camera which is started and stopped via the Trigger Output at exactly the times, when a surface acoustic wave is excited.

What does the abbreviation „SAW“ stands for?

„SAW“ is the abbreviation of “surface acoustic wave”.


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