temperature-controlled sensor holder for inverse microscope

This temperature-controlled microscope stage supports the optical evaluation of Cell cultures in biological research. Samples can be placed directly on the microscope at 37 °C.

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description of the solution


Our customer has developed a novel biosensor to characterize the adhesion process of living cells. In order to optically validate the sensor signals, an inverse microscope shall be used. Because an appropriate sample holder was not available at the market, BELEKTRONIG was ask to develop a suitable individual solution.

The task includes the conception, development and implementation of the sensor holder for the inverse microscope.

 A particular challenge is the temperature dependency of the samples and the sensors: they require a temperature stability of at least +/- 0.01 ° C. The temperature should be kept constant at this level about the whole measurement time of 5 to 7 days per experiment.


The standard microscope stage, which cannot be temperature stabilized, is replaced by a stage developed by BELEKTRONIG. A specific sample holder is the mounted atop which accommodates the sensors. A benchtop temperature controller HAT Control – M20 is used to control the temperature of the microscope stage to +/-0.01 °C. It also measures the temperature of the cell medium in the sample holder. The sample holder is tempered through the stage.

key features

    • Modular design for biosensors
    • Platform consists of sample holder and a temperature controlled
      microscope stage onto which the sample holder are mounted
    • Tempering of cell cultures to 37°C
    • Temperature control accuracy +/- 0.01 °C
    • Inverse microscopy
    • Sample volume up to 4 ml
    • Sterilizable
    • Controllers are integrated into customer-specific LabView measurement software

details of the solution

The laboratory temperature controller HAT Control - M20 controls the microscope stage with an accuracy of one hundredth of a degree. The stage connected via special cable to the controller. The second temperature sensor allows to monitor the ambient temperature or the sample temperature.

A temperature-controlled stage was developed for the microscope. It is used for assembly of the sample holder and replaces the non-temperatureable standard object table of the Microscope.

The temperature-controlled microscope stage is made of anodized aluminum. Two slim heating elements are mounted underneath. The whole structure is kept very flat, so that the objectives can be moved as close as possible to the specimen.

The modular holder for the biosensors consist of an aluminum basic body, in which a cover class is inserted. The sample chamber consists of Polycarbonate and PDMS to allow microscopy using transmitted and incident light.

the following equipment was used in this solution example

Benchtop Temperature Controller BTC-LAB-A200

The BELEKTRONIG Benchtop Temperature Controller is used for temperature control of the microscope stage – reliable and with highes precision.

Connecting Cable BAT-CC-PM-140

The connecting cable connects the heatable microscope stage with the BELEKTRONIG benchtop temperature controller (accessories for temperature control).

PT1000 Temperature Sensor BAT-TS-S200-8

The connecting cable connects the heatable microscope stage with the BELEKTRONIG benchtop temperature controller (accessories for temperature control).

F&E Project: Temperature-Controlled Sensor Holder for Inverse Microscope

F&E Project: Temperature-Controlled Sensor Holder for Inverse Microscope development project .

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